TV, Movies, music, literature, culture, that´s my sandbox.

The posts are either in Portuguese or in English, and they are not the same, meaning one is not a translation of the other. Why? I don´t know. I was drawn this way, there are things that I think better in English, others in Portuguese, perhaps because I watch too much TV in English? Whatever.

Há posts em Português e em Inglês e eles não são traduções uns dos outros. Acho que de tanto ver TV em inglês, algumas coisas acabam pensadas nesse idioma…

About me… I was born in 1970, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on a poor neighbourhood, and grew to be a low middle classed PhD on Public Health with a Law degree. I´ve been dealing with mood disorders all my life, although I´ve been actually in treatment only since 2005, and it is life-changing, mates, it is! Love my shrink, love my meds!

The rest… well, you read and learn! Sejam bem-vindos.