Fearlessly we face the abyss

I believe in mankind, in our species, despite all the atrocities humans do to each other, or perhaps because of them, because we can stoop so low, I believe we can soar.

We are great when we dare, when we challenge nature and each other, we are great at war, and are great at peace times, we are greatest when we defy our limitations as small apes, compared to other great primates, and decide to win the fight for survival and aim for supremacy, developing technology.

I do not mourn ancient civilizations, or the native Americans, or old African tribes. I think  conflict was key to another thrust toward development of science, technology, art. It wasn´t survival of fittest, cause these people are still with us and are part of us. Humanity has a way to provide for the good of the species, not of a small group, and it does in a massive and irresistible way.. Jump on the train of the future, shoot to the stars, fulfill your destiny.

There is no good in settling for a code of ethics that puts reigns on humanities fierceness.  We are beautiful apex predators, and we share in their paradox of fragility.

We can only be fearless because we know fear, brave cause we know cowardice, we hate death cause we can only contemplate life, life at all costs, and we strive to believe that altruism is real instead of a twisted way of self service. But that is us, and that is good, and so efficient that mankind covers the face of earth, like a field of corn or like flock of ravens after a battle.

Trust the lizard, care for the ape, embrace the human, and fear not what lies ahead.


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