Season 7 and GoT´s lazy writing. Are the writer´s tired?

As much as people loved season 6 of Game of Thrones, yours truly included, it is clear that the quality of writing decreased, and decreased steadily throughout season 07.

With only 13 episodes to wrap a complex series with characters spreaded in the four corners of a fictional world and with different agendas, the showrunners decided to simply cull the herd on season 06. Season 07 is thick with plot armour for some characters,  literal references to previous seasons,  didatic dialogue so you don´t have to spend time and effort in developing characters through episodes…

So you get several inconsistencies…

Why should Tyrion be so attached to his family whom would have him killed? It makes no sense. It is also strange that he had any doubt that Dany would lash out in force against Lannister/Tarly forces, since that was peanuts compared to Essosi warfare. Besides that, he is well aware of the fate of the slave masters after they dared to attack Mereen. Daenerys offers an iron hand in a velvet glove, but is true to her word and is not keen on betrayal: she is loyal to a fault and demands loyalty in return. He has seen that. He also knows that she can show mercy…


The show is also hammering the mad queen key so often it has become boring. Burning soldiers in a battle field is different from burning a temple with defenseless people locked inside along with all the people who lived and worked around it: why are Tyrion and Jaime so horrified about Dany´s Targ vintage warfare? Cause she is not a Lannister? Cause she is not different from Cersei? No, she is worlds away from Cersei in the sense that she is in a battle, and not striking at civillians, she is an untrained Targ princess, but still worthy of the three targs who conquered Westeros, for they all credit Aegon and fail to remember his two sisters: Rhaenys and Visenya.

So Jaime´s double measures are so obvious that it sets the stage for his turning back on the real Mad Queen: Cersei.

And there it is: the siege of Kingslanding… just as Tyrion suggested, but not quite as he intended.

Kit Harrington is so good at brooding that we are left to wonder if Jon Snow´s face would crack and flake if he hints at a smile. Yes, he is smitten with the dragon girl, who is in turn clearly drawn to Lord Crow, whatever, but he has so much else in mind… yeah, yeah, yeah… <eye roll>.

Reducing Davos to a comedic commentator is sinful. The show needs some characters who remind the lead characters that it is tits and dragons after all, but Davos was a clear minded, down to earth and yet loyal man, caught in the middle of the big game. He can´t be plain and simple comedic relief.

The promo for the next episode is annoying: it hints Drogon lashing at Jon, when we know from set pictures that he will in fact get along with the big guy, it shows Tyrion and Varys plotting barely one episode after Daenerys told Varys to say whatever he thinks to her face instead of conspiring behind her back, it shows Dany offering a choice between bending the knee or toast to the defeated soldiers and… Tyrion brooding, and Jon at the situation room with Dany which is good.

The show is telegraphing us that Jon and Dany will warm up to each other, earn each other´s confidence, and that Tyrion will be tortured over his Lannister duties. Kin or King? Dany and Tyrion must build more trust too, and Varys does not seem to help. As the only male ally, it is only natural that a marriage of convenience should be celebrated at some point, so it is natural that “ice and fire” be brought together.

No, we don´t see Bran becoming the Three Eyed Raven, he just is, tells people that, and we´d better jump on the bandwagon. No conflict, nothing to invest us.

The episodes are sleek and consumed a lot of money. They rely solely on the investment people made on the characters years ago, it feels as if the writers are tired and want to wrap it as fast as they can, so they can move to other projects.

I can´t complain much, cause I like dragon and wolf porn as much as anyone, specially as GRRM does not issue any book of the series, still buried in some creative block.

I just wish season 8 had full 10 episodes, full of action and were well scripted. That would be the satisfying end for such a beloved series.



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