Allure de Chanel EDP

I wore this fragrance around 2000 and I remember I was in a small hotel near Philadelphia, working every day in a company training, learning about the product, and the regulatory details, and then on my third day, the girl from the reception desk asked me if I was wearing Allure, I said yes. She looked triumphantly at the other girl at the desk, and thanked me. They must have made a bet on my fragrance.

I love Allure, and I also love its flanker Allure Sensuelle, which I still own.

Allure Sensuelle is a complex fragrance, made by Jacques Polge, in 2005,

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Bergamot Mandarin Orange Pink Pepper

Middle Notes
Jasmine Rose iris Dried Fruits Vetiver

Base Notes
Amber Patchouli Vanilla Musk Labdanum


Allure was not spiced, the flanker embraced the spices, more woodsy notes, a bit of musk and of smoke and honey, it is not a sweet fragrance, it is grating, it makes you uneasy, it gives the aura of a woman who is restless, mentally active, vibrant, and that´s her allure. Her intellect, her love of the unconventional, her aggressiveness makes her attractive.

Jacques Polge give a steely vibe to Chanel line, his fragrances have a polished and tenacious feel to them, and then comes one of the aspects of perfumery that I love: the art of building mental and emotional images from olfactory stimuli and memories.

The “noses” are good not just because they can detect and mix the ingredients, but because the mixture they make have a meaning, because it can affect the mood, the emotions of the person who is wearing the fragrance and of those surrounding her (him).

When I wear Allure Sensuelle I don´t feel sensual at all, I feel strong and confident of myself as a woman and as an individual, cause it says, “yes, you can be feminine, you can be attractive, and you can be smart and assertive… shamelessly”, it is fragrance that won´t please everyone, and it does not aim to please, like La Vie est Belle or Petit Robe Noir, it wants to assert itself.

And you pay for it, cause even the average Chanel line is pricey, and the ones I´d really want to own, like Cuir de Russie and Oud Ispahan, are beyond my reach so far. But I don´t think girls from a reception desk would know these two, they could know Allure, as the refined Chanel frag that is not the common place N. 5.




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