Credit fuck

The state of Minas Gerais has a very active association of sex workers.

Prostitution is not illegal in Brazil, although it is not regulated or unionized as other professions. Soliciting is not illegal either! Johns and hookers are safe from the police, but pimps aren´t, cause it is not legal to exploit prostitution.

Anyway, it is not a secret that Brazil is going through a serious economic crisis and prostitution has taken a hit. If people have reduced their nights at the restaurants, it only makes sense that men have had to be content with fucking more at home, and leaving the adult entertainment only for very special occasions.

Offer and demand has led to a decrease in prices, different services, and now to different forms of payment to accommodate the clients financial strain.

This is Brazil, so such things become public knowledge!

When high profile “termas” (brothels) close, it is something people simple know, even people who do not use their sort of entertainment. 65 and Centaurus closed, the former for good, and it seems that the expensive Ipanema venue opened again under new management. Who knows? Those places are closed to regular girls, they are temples of masculine socialization.

The prostitutes of Minas Gerais have made headlines before due to their entrepreneurship: they offered their associates crash course in languages so they could communicate with foreigners during the world cup 2014 and Olympic Games (should they migrate to Rio, during that time), and improve their business.

Now they decided to go a step further and make arrangements so that their associates could accept credit cards, and even split the payment in installments. Ain´t that cute? You can pay for a fuck in 5 installments.


That ain´t nothing compared to the professionals from the northeast who managed to break an agreement with the local grocery stores, so that their clients could take the food stamps from their wives (in Brazil very poor families get a monthly benefit credited per children of school age, and they get a sort of credit card which can be used only to buy food and personal care items, these cards are issued on the mother of child´s name) or partners – not unusually by force – and pay the grocery store as if they purchased food, get laid, and then the prostitute would get her money from the store owner paying a share for the “credit operation”.

Of course it encompasses all kinds of prostitutes, catering to all tastes, not just female! It is a trade, not a pleasure!

I believe that anything that happens between two adults, mutually consenting, of free will (no harm in excess here), and that does not involve murder, mutilation or any other practice that might somehow harm a third party, should be free of the yoke of the state. On the other hand I wonder how far it would go left completely unchecked… let´s wait and see where the initiatives like the ones of the prostitutes of Minas Gerais will take us.


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