Don´t measure yourself by your dick.

I don´t want your big black cock. Not because it is big or black, but because that´s how you advertised yourself.

When a black man reduces himself to a large penis, as if it encompassed all his potency, as if he could exert his power, seduction, only through aggressive sex, then he is a beast. Some women like that, I don´t.

If I want a big black cock, or white, or yellow, I can buy one online. And they never get flabby, age or get diseased, and when I don´t want to use them, I take their batteries off, they are called vibrators. I want a man, and men are much more than their genitals.

Is it some adverse effect of slavery and racism in the black American community? There is this rap and hip-hop culture where both men and women treat each other like meat, disposable wearables, judged by the size of their asses, boobs, cocks, ferocity of thrusts and twerks. You can see a little of that in the funk culture in Brazil too. You have nothing to show but your genitals, so you better be appreciated by them. Unfortunately, this behaviour is nothing but racist.

Then, in some communities, it is not a color or racial thing, I suspect it is an underdog thing: I am poor but I fuck your wife.

I pity these guys. They will get old and flabby and their identity and self worth will go down the sewer. I also pity women who think they have to be sex machines otherwise they are inferior to other women. They will eventually become less attractive than others, and their clientele will not be what they used to be, and they´ll get bitter.

Sex and love are different things, even though both play a role in our appreciation of self. Sex is easy, let´s not make it more difficult or more important than it needs to be. We are much more than the sum of our parts.



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