GLOW… I don´t know… did not like it

MMA is super popular in Brazil. We love it! We love martial arts so much, we crafted our own style of jiujitsu, and we also have capoeira, an afro-brazilian fight/dance that is very popular throughout all social classes.

What most young kids do not know is that we had our own version of the american wrestling league, our luta-livre. Stars such as Ted Boy Marino, and the mysterious Verdugo were popular for some time… but never really caught the hearts and minds of the people.

We never loved wrestling and we don´t understand lucha libre.  We dig men beating each other to pulp, for real.

I am not sure GLOW, Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling will ever be a popular show here. The very concept is so alien to us! It is gringo stuff. Anyway… I think I got it by the episode the character Debbie got the gist of wrestling: it is an American soap opera. And that´s what bothered me from episode one.

Brazilian soap operas seldom go beyond 180 episodes (primetime), they are slick productions, more expensive than anything produced in Latin America, and some of them have stylistic concerns comparable to cinema.  Many are very well written, some not so much, and they seldom go for the melodramatic gimmicks, or the deus ex machina, or the narrative solutions that plague daytime tv shows, and the acting is often of good quality too.

GLOW´s dynamic is that of a soap opera: the characters are flat, predictable, they do not develop, they are an overexposed polaroid and you get what you see, even the surprises are not really surprising, cause you somehow expect them to happen, or at least something to happen, cause… well, that´s how it is supposed to be.

The direction and script are lame, and the acting is on par: lame.

Instead of watching the full episodes, by midseason, I started to skip bits of episodes, cause they were boring.

I´ve seen shows which were difficult because the story was convoluted, I´ve seen shows that started cold and amped up the action to formidable frenzy, others which had great cliffhangers; some shows are so slick and visually astonishing that I watched for pure voyeuristic pleasure. GLOW offers nothing.

And that is a shame when you consider how Netflix has cut good shows such as Sense8, Marco Polo (Hundred Eyes, my man, I´ll miss you!), and investing in such cheap productions! I mean, whether or not GLOW is cheap I know not, I know it looks and feels cheap. The eighties have had much better readings!



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