Playing with yourself: a review of gadget types.

I have always had problems with masturbation. I did it, but the results were not good, meaning the orgasms were kind of… meh. I believe it had to do with my rejection to my body, my inability to form a self image due to dysmorphic disorder (a relatively new diagnosis for something really old), and I was not into touching myself.

As I grew older, and specially after my divorce, my life changed 180º. The first severe crisis of bipolar disorder, with intense agitation, followed by abismal depression forced me into therapy and crisis became an opportunity for change.

I embraced the sexual creature that I am.

I love masturbation, it is something nice, but I still have a few problems with it. The number one problem is that when I hit climax I loose coordination, I can´t go on, something defuses in my brain. When you cum that hard, the solution is a vibrator.

These new ones, rabbits, and mega mighty hyper super with different shapes and functions are awesome. Some are wicked, with slick design. However the most efficient ones for me are the old ones. The simple 7″ standard, battery charged, not too think, which vibrates strongly and which is thick enough to be comfortable, and the hitachi magic wand style ones, which are essentially high vibration massage sticks with a softer head.

The magic wands style vibros are not new world wide, and are reputed the gold standard among vibros, capable of giving orgasms in a couple of minutes. They are used for clit stimulation, with appropriate use of water bades lubes, and you can find them from several brands, different prices, configurations, etc. They are not meant for insertion, and any woman with three brain cells can explain why.


You can see women using them online, and it is very popular.

I seldom review products, cause I believe that to each her own, but I strongly advise women who want to stimulate their clits, as in sexual therapy, for instance, to purchase one.

The only setback is that if you use it for too long, and for not so long with intense vibration, you get numb. Yes, you read that, some devices for stimulation may actually decrease local sensitivity, and it defeats the purpose, right? (Prause, Nicole; Roberts, Verena; Legarretta, Margaret; Rigney Cox, Liva M. (February 2012). “Clinical and research concerns with vibratory stimulation: a review and pilot study of common stimulation devices”. Sexual and Relationship Therapy. Routledge. 27 (1): 17–34. doi:10.1080/14681994.2012.66014) I have experienced it myself, so I can totally corroborate that info. The good part is that sensitivity returns after a few minutes without stimulation, or with mild and gentle hand stimulation, so I also thought these gadgets are interesting if you want to learn your limits.

The simple, traditional ones, hand held and battery charged are easy to use, versatile, can be used for penetration, you can buy sleeves for them to add texture, and do not cause this numbness, mostly because they do not vibrate as intensely as the Wands, and women tend to use it not just in the vulva.


Considering cost-benefit, these would be the two I´d recommed for women and for couples. A short butt plug, is also handy, shaped like a dick, neither thick nor long, since the aim is to stimulate, and then have a good time playing by yourself or with a partner.

It is complicated for many women to enter a sex shop and choose something for herself. It feels as if other people are peering into their intimate life, a break of privacy, and internet shops solve this problem only in part, cause you can´t really see or touch the product, and figure it out. Besides that, reviews are often geared towards boosting sales, and you must take them with a grain of salt.

This is the reason why I chose not to review brands, but product styles: it seemed fair and more helpful.


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