The pulpit and the chair, or is Mr. Pence a misogynist or just another hollow man?


American Vice-President Mike Pence does not dine alone or meets with a woman in any situation where there might be alcohol involved without the presence of his wife. He does it believing that it helps creating a safe space around his marriage, preventing temptations which, either in thought or in acts, might jeopardize the sacred vows to his wife and his Family.

In Medieval times it was considered a proof of sanctity to resist the temptations of the flesh, often manifested on the body of a woman, a temptress. The parents of St. Thomas Aquinas did not want him to pursue the religious path, for he was a male heir from a wealthy Family, and even hired a “temptress” to Sway the lad to the most earthly callings of manhood. He escaped the room. St Bernard of Clairveaux also had such encounters. A man who shunned pleasures of the flesh, denied the use of his manhood, had to be a saint.

Women other than wife and daughters can not touch a rabbi or an Iman, or an Ayatollah. Those are men devoted to God and as such must set an example to the Community, and keep a strict reign on their sexual lives.

But these are religious examples.

Nowadays it is impossible for a secular man to lead a life separate from women, or to have his wife at his side all of the time, in order to help him refrain his animal impulses. In fact, that he needs such expedients to be faithful to their wives, says a lot about his character and the strength of his commitment to his Family: he is an animal who needs a handler with a short leash, he is unable to control himself, he is Always looking to deceive or is just to weak that he can´t help falling for any seduction – an emotional cripple -, he is a misogynist who sees women as a piece of flesh regardless of the situation.

The modern secular man, his religion notwithstanding, must build his ethics upon his own strength, and let go of watchdogs. Men are free to sin, if they don´t, they prove that they are more worthy than those who simply shut themselves in ivory towers. It is a choice, to sin or not, made daily in the smallest of things. What does he do on other matters without a similar watchdog? Does he succumb?

Mike Pence´s view of safeguarding his Family and marriage is his own and deserves respect, though. I don´t know whether he is aware of his own limitations and acts accordingly, which is admirable, for I do admire someone who accepts his limitations as a sign of humility, or if he simply loves his Family and does not want to loose it, I don´t know anything about his life, the very private things that shape a man´s character.

What I also believe is that such man would do better in the pulpit, herding souls, and not a nation, that he should pursue a religious career rather than one in secular politics, where he is supposed to represent a wide range of opinions, since he, from the onset, limits his interactions so much.

People like him are the reason why I avoid candidates with extreme religious convictions in my own country.  I vote on ordinary men, not  on people who wear their religion on their sleeves.

Do I trust a man who cheats on his wife? In my opinion, I trust a man who knows his limits, how and why he does things, who does not need a watchdog or external conscience, that whatever he does, he does willingly, without schemes, so when he fails, he has only himself to blame. This is brave, this is a man who is true to himself. Whether or not he cheats, or if he has an “open marriage”, whatever floats his boat, is immaterial. The human being who does his best to be the only responsible for his acts, earns my respect.



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