Legion season 01 – better read the DSM…


David Haller can´t tell what is real and what is not real. David Haller was diagnosed as someone who suffers from psychotic events, although the term schizophrenia is seldom used. I am not sure whether or not they shy from the term because they fear law suits from patients support groups, or because psychosis is a symptom and not a syndrome and therefore scriptwriters keep some creative freedom for themselves. Other characters labels him schizophrenic, though. He doesn´t.

David Haller sees, hears and experiences things, he acts as if he were different people under stress, he feels threatened in what seems to be paranoia, and is sometimes catatonic. He shows a plethora of signs of classic pyschosis.

Yet… he is the most powerful mutant on earth.

But so far, five episodes into the season, David Haller is not a person, but fragments of a person, or figments of one, manipulated by other more solid egos which dominate his body and his powers and turn the life of those around him hell. Haller, Heller.

There is nothing good so far about this guy, he has shown not a single sign of a genuine feeling of attachment to a person that is remotely healthy. The supposed love for the girl Syd Barrett seems nothing but part of a delirium built by himself and by those wicked super egos, as in egos overscripted on him.

Legion is as a much a superhero series as it is a series about the workings of a schizophrenic mind, or how the writers believe a schizo organize his reality, and what would happen if said schizo has super powers.

And someone was high enough on dope to give them money to turn it into a show. One would have a much better time reading the DSM-5.






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