Sense8 Christmas Special. Of Loneliness and Connection.

The thing that I loved the most about Sense8, since season 1 was that it struck a chord with me. How would it be to not be alone in the world?

sense8I´ve always believed that each one of us is an species in extinction, doomed to loneliness, unique and destined to die and disappear. We may spread our genes, but these are not the experiences and memories of our lives, they are biological markers or out evolutionary response to the challenges posed by the environment. Humanity goes beyond it, because of our self awareness, I suppose, and the tragedy of it all is that death somewhat turns life meaningless. At least to a point.

The connection the eight characters share is unique. They share who and what they are, while still retaining their identities and individual histories. It is a level of intimacy impossible to describe and that the show, in a very lyrical way, likens to sex. Not simple pornography, but a moment of complete devotion to each other, where you are so completely exposed and vulnerable… it is not just love, for love can afford a certain level of mistrust, it is a feeling of oneness that leads to ecstasy, a catharsis.


It is also who and what you need in certain times, and there is a complete availability of the other to you, all the most cause there is no avoidance.How can you hide and deny yourself? You may make mistakes and fool yourself, and therefore you may fail your sensates, but you cannot hide, lie or deny them anymore than you can do to yourself.

The supernatural, superhero, or superwhatever side of the show has always been overshadowed by this allure. I don´t know whether the show will survive its second season, or die a sudden death on its third, like Penny Dreadful, my beloved, did.

I can´t help but feel amazed at how the show illustrated my fantasy of this multitude of selves in complete intimacy. A fantasy, yes, cause life is lonely, we are born alone, a journey to a hostile environment, and we die alone, to a state of non being that we can not fathom. Between these two events we are often trying to find connection and release.


The show makes us root for the cluster, cause we don´t want to see them broken apart. We want to see Kala and Wolfie together at last, we want to see our favourite martial arts badass girl find closure and get revenge against her brother, see good hearted Van Damme find some safe space and happiness, Lito, Nomi, Will and Riley find a way to fight Whispers and get the cluster together to free themselves at last. Not from each other, but from the danger of being killed, imprisoned, and separated.

We wish we could share such connection, and are loath to see it in danger, that´s the truth. The Christmas Special was a good tease to season 2 and I looking forward to it, anxiously!




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