Fourth Wall

The voice at the other end of the line, the words popping on the screen.  A few seconds of video, perhaps. A snapshot.  Love, infatuation, fantasy… all online as once people did fall on love by letters.

That´s Spike Jonze´s Her, with Joachin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson, and Westworld – to a certain extent. That´s everyday on dating sites, or on cheating sites.

What if you don´t lie, or at least try to lie as little as possible? The odds of being lied to, the games people play when they finally meet. Reality is often less exciting than fiction, and I know that too well. I am a particularly boring person… and plain.

We´re all lost, and we don´t care. It´s so good to be alone and this screen between us and the others feels so safe and give us an illusion of controlled proximity, even intimacy, that we might only hire sex bots, or people who could surrogate for those character – or people – we meet on our fantasy or virtual world. Second life is already first, that´s why it isn´t an issue anymore, it has become the paradigm.

I am a woman born in 1970, and I realize my grandfather was right when he said I was an old soul, meaning I was born with a Strong self awareness. Oh, gosh I wish I was less critical. I can live in a city this size without seeing someone, not only because  it is perfectly possible in a big city but mostly because I have this ability to relegate people to a place back in my memory and rewire my reality so I can circumvent them, and also places, facts… and I am aware of that.

Nevertheless I crave for this fact checking, to break the fourth wall, and jump. Silly girl, silly girl. You should work on your lies.


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