Westworld S01 Ep07 – the plot thickens


And the plot thickens. You know you´re gonna be spoiled, so… whatever!

Maeve gains her new parameters and it feels both good and awkward. The emissary from Delos requests Hector for her own pleasure, which is usually forbidden, to use hosts outside the narratives, but who gives a damn, Miss Hale is a top dog, or bitch. Santoro is such a sexy sexbot!!!! If they ever license the Hector sex bot for home use…

During Hector´s interview with Bernard, he is shown several pictures of modern cities and he looks at it intently before answering that they don´t mean anything, it felt as if they did mean something, as if he did have some self awareness but learned to hide it. He was tied to the bed while Hale discussed her plans with Theresa. Will it be consequential later?


Hale´s plan to depose Ford and get her hands on the code that creates and runs life on Delos´s world included discrediting his work by demonstrating the danger of the recent updates, and they used poor Clem, Maeve´s sidekick, and the Mariposa Kenny, who always ends up dead on some gruesome manner. Of course, Hale fires Bernard and Theresa is really uncomfortable with that, Ford however is shocked with how they obviously tampered with the host´s script, and seemed angry with that sham. He did not defend Bernard, though and let him be fired.

Bernard takes Theresa to Ford´s hideout, to show her that he does think something is going on in the park, and that although he believes she is not trustworthy, cause she´s been smuggling data, he thinks there´s more to it than only her handiwork. They find Ford´s hidden workshop and Theresa stumbles on a very special specs, one that shows that Bernard himself is a host, which he dismissed flatly saying that those specs did not mean anything to him. That´s when Ford interrupt them and explain that the lack of self awareness, the selective wiping of memory is not just merciful, it makes the hosts the ones truly free in that park, free to experience each day as new and reinterpret it. Dr. Ford is not a good God, he is simply a creator that makes sure that his creatures survive and evolve.

Ford confronts Theresa, and has Bernard kill her. We learn that he isn´t Arnold´s work, but Ford´s, and Ford does cherish his own handiwork as family, and I have a feeling that Dr. Robert Ford is far from through with his enemies at the board of Delos. If necessary he will manipulate the hosts, of let them loose on humans, to the code inside the park. Is that code dangerous? Would Arnold agree that the code could be dangerous in the wrong hands?

Maeve manages to get killed, so she can get into maintenance and search for Clem. She finds her, and is devastated to witness her being retired, that is, lobotomized. The ginger technician seemed torn between Maeve´s pleading and menacing eyes, and Theresa´s presence in the room, and yet went ahead with the neutering of the sex bot.

The two technicians cover Maeve as she makes a plan and decides she wants to escape her loop, that she wants to escape Delos.She decided to challenge the lot she was given by those who made her, and write her won story. Or so she thinks, and she might create a lot of problems. If Hector is still in the building she might find him, reset and reprogram him, and get other allies.


Dolores and William are on their journey to the Maze, and after some adventures, they finally get to a river among mountains which Dolores had conjured in her dreams. William chooses to follow Dolores, he chooses to be whom he is, feeling he is more real among the bots than he has ever been in the real world. It is not the adventure, the adrenaline rush itself, but the way he can express himself more straight forward. He feels free, even free to love, to love someone whom he knows is not real. The love he feels is real, though, and seems worth a try.

The season is coming to its last three episodes, when we expect some story lines to wrap. Can´t wait for this!






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