Don´t trust the powerful – The Exorcist ep. 06

There is a general mistrust on those who are wealthy and powerful. You can see that in every election when people choose to vote on candidates who sell themselves as the anti-establishment, or champions of the common man against the rich.

It is not a lie that power corrupts, who has never dreamed at least once in our lifetimes about what we would do with just a little power in our hands ? I am sure people dream of doing great things, or some petty vengeance, or pushing some agenda. We´re all George Soros without the money.

This power to act according to your own will, and your own will only, can´t be good, can it? That is God´s attribute, not men´s. We can´t cover such freedom, without falling from grace like the angels. Thousands of Christianity led us to believe it too, cause the only power that is good is the one bestowed on us by God himself or by some religious authority, and that´s how churches built and kept their control… telling, isn´t it?

You can see that appeal to our distrust in the upper class characters in Fox show The Exorcist. It could have been played more subtly, but I wonder if it would have worked so well. After the demise of Penny Dreadful, I think that people like their horror series to be gory and all in the face. No goth sleek subtleties.

That doesn´t make The Exorcist a bad show, it is good, gripping, keeps the suspense, and ties with the movie sweetly. We learned that Regan grew up a tv freak, exploited by her mother, and she eventually ran and crafted a new identity, made a family of her own, and then the demon who possessed returns to get his revenge, this time on her daughter Casey. All of this mixed on several subplots of satanist cults, the personal lives of the priests, etc.


As the show progresses, you see that several of Chicago´s wealthiest and most important citizens are devout satanists. No, not the tame XXI century satanists who claim to be a cult of the raw forces of nature, but the real followers of the Great Antagonist of Creation, of the Deceiver, of the Father of Lies.

In The Exorcist you see priests competing with top city administrators and millionaires for the privilege of being possessed by a demon, perhaps the Devil himself. And they manipulate public policies in order to create an environment where evil can thrive, prosper and bring about a true outbreak of demonic possessions during a visit of the Pope. What is that coven´s intent? We don´t know yet.

We know that the writers´ intent to play into our mistrust on the wealthy was successful. Looking at any electoral race, anywhere in the world, we wonder if all of them aren´t in league with the devil, and if the winner isn´t the one who got the most votes, but the one who got the most votes is the one who found a way to most please the Devil. Twisted. Cause that makes us, all of us, subject to a will that is not God´s.

And why should it be scarier? Sometimes I think that God or Devil, I just want to be left alone.


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