If that street was mine…

More than once I had this melody in my head while he lied in bed, asleep after sex, his skin drinking the light, his chest rising and sinking softly. This old lullaby, from an unknown author, that any Brazilian child knows by heart as a the first love song we´ve learn often from our mother or grandmother´s lips, that we sing together in child´s plays and that comes back to haunt us forever.

There is longing and more than a touch of saudade in its verse, and of devotion and impossible love, and its rhymes are so simple that even children can understand its sad beauty. I´ve listened to beautiful instrumental versions, most of them in acoustic guitar, with a languorous Luso-Brazilian drawl that is dreamy, like a lover running her fingers through your hair, softly and slowly, caressing your head so tenderly you simply don´t want to Wake up.

Love often happens in silence, a raw desire that does not materialize in sex and rather sublimates in moments of pure devotion, and such moments, fleeting as they are, remain engraved in memory, and as they get older, they are even more cherished. Such is the love I had for this person.

A couple of Bourbon shots and a beer later, I miss the silver and gold, but the lullaby… she is ever present, ushering in a plethora of other memories. Oh, Angel, I wish you loved me too. Queria que vc me quisesse bem tanto quanto eu te quis!




Se essa rua fosse minha

Se essa rua, se essa rua fosse minha

Eu mandava, eu mandava ladrilhar

Com pedrinhas, com pedrinhas de brilhantes

Só pra o meu, só pra o meu amor passar.


Nesta rua, nesta rua tem um bosque

Que se chama, que se chama Solidão

Dentro dele, dentro dele mora um anjo

Que roubou, que roubou meu coração.


Se eu roubei, se eu roubei teu coração,

Tu roubaste, tu roubaste o meu também.

Se eu roubei, se eu roubei teu coração,

É porque, só porque te quero bem.


(English translation and version)

If this street was mine

If this street, if this street was mine (if I owned this street)

I would bid, I would bid someone to tile it (I´d have it tiled)

With pebbles, with pebbles made of diamond (with cobbles of diamonds)

Only for my, only for my love to walk by. (so my love could walk by)


In this street, in this street there’s a wood (There are woods by this street)

Which is named, which is named Solitude (The Woods is called Solitude)

Inside it, inside it dwells an angel (within the woods there lives an Angel)

Who stole, who stole my heart. (who stole my heart)


If I stole, if I stole your heart ( Angel: If I stole your heart)

You stole, you stole mine as well. (You´ve stolen mine as well)

If I stole, if I stole your heart, (lover: If I stole your heart)

It’s just because, just because I care for you. ( that´s because I care about you deeply)





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