The Strain and show runner´s betrayal

There a TV show I just can´t stand, and it is sad, because I was so excited when it opened three years ago! I was totally looking forward to The Strain, I have had read the books, and although I found the trilogy irregular, which is not a all uncommon regarding trilogies, the whole concept was good.


Guillermo del Toro has a knack for creating fantastic imagery, writing action scenes and building narratives from old cannon in very creative ways, so it is not a re-hashed vampire book trilogy, it combines vampires, a viral epidemic outbreak apocalypse, nuclear doom with a religious twist.

After an amazing first episode, it simply did not work. I understand how it got its first season, instead of covering the second book on season 2, the thing got annoyingly long and long and long… the pace is enerving.

Considering that The Strain was pitched as a TV Series that did not got picked, and then became a book series, its structure in three well paced seasons would have been the rational thing to do. Besides, it is not A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones), behemoths of 500 hundred pages each, with dozens of characters, minute world building, complex politics, and is in its fifth book going on sixth and seventh. There is simply no material there for such stretching without loosing pace.


The visual and special effects are good, I grant them that, but the art direction is lacking. The books portray a world that changes really fast, descend into chaos, and that makes no accommodations for the weak, and that goes dark, literally in a matter of few months.


A good thing about Season 3 is that they ditched that hideous wig they stuck on Corey Stoll´s head. Man´s bald, and that´s it, he is not going to be the sexy lead with a mop of curly black hair Kit Harrington style. Eph is a character who is not described as ugly, but not as handsome either, so it doesn´t matter story wise. His hair deficiency made him look even a bit more bad ass. The casting is almost all off the mark with the book, and their acting seems as if they were just going through the motions.

Don´t get me started on the writing: it is lame, to say the least.

I assume the show has a good and loyal fandom, otherwise it would not have lasted so long, and it is not me to lash out at a show like that; The Strain however, gets me so mad, whenever I catch a couple of segments of it! I felt betrayed by the show runners, I felt they got some good book material and did something ugly with it,spoiling it to me, they´ve spoiled it so badly I can´t go back and re-read the books without being mad at them!


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