The Red Violin – Tarot Spread II

visconti-sforza-08-justiceAnd the fourth card is drawn, The Justice. The Luthier´s wife hear about very troublesome times. Pope´s Chinese servant takes the Violin to Beijing where it sits on the window of a shop for three decades until a Young girl falls in love with it – there is no other expression to describe her feelings for the instrument, and develops her musical skills. War and communism strike and the cultural revolution deal a blow to the Violin and to the girl and her descendants, and the bloodthirsty persecution of all forms of art associated with the decadent West force the Violin to be literally buried. The Justice as a card means the force of the law, the violence of the state, the helpelessness against institutions. There is also a bit of understanding, of deeper conscience and awareness. The commitment to music and the understanding of art as an expression of human emotion, of deep thoughts, feelings, ideas, of one´s history, beauty and subjective take on reality rather than solely a political statement.

Human beings are political animals, considering their actions towards each other and the community of other humans, art, however, has a deeper layer, personal, which conveys the non political human, the being as the lilly of the valley, which dresses with no clothes but those which God has given it, who drinks and eats only what God has given it, who does not work, nor look after a life beyond the spot he was placed by God, and whose purposed is defined by God and only God. Art is destiny manifest, creativity is one´s awareness of the divine in ourselves and its expression. It is sensual, ethereal, earthly, spiritual, the complexity of Humanity and its Creator.


After decades of darkness, a demolition work uncovers the pit where the Red Violin is hidden along with other precious violins, refugees of Mao Zedong savage persecution.

The fifth card is drawn: Death, but it is drawn reversed, and it´s meaning is rebirth, the beginning of a new cycle.


The Violin is taken to an auction house along with the other violins, and is identified as the famed Red Violin of the English virtuoso Frederick Pope. A specialist is called to verify the finding and discovers that the varnish is blood. Representatives of the religious order of Young Kaspar Weiss, Pope´s estate, the Chinese government and others are present to bid for the violin, each with a personal investment on the Violin. Distraught over the several interests clashing over the violin and also fascinated by its history, mostly because of a little girl he has at home, who loves music and who studies violin, he allows the violin to be exchanged for a perfect copy and takes the original home, where his daughter will dedicate her love to it.

It is born again, as a simple anonymous Violin, played by a Young child, as it was once by a Young boy. A new life has begun upon the ashes of the old.


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