A man in his midlife crises gets involved with this son´s girlfriend. A torrid sexual relationship, that takes him to his own limits, and makes him push them a bit farther. For love? Or obsession? Passion? I believe that passion is a malady of the soul, an affliction of the mind, a suffering that many confound with love.  It does have symptoms, and I wonder how many poets were nothing but diseased people, raving lunatics with the gift of word, spreading a distorted ideal of love as something that makes your heart beat his faster, stronger and harder erections, excitement before danger, extreme emotions, less self awareness, enhanced selfishness, recklessness. gives him stronger and harder erections, makes his mind more prone to react to danger… and also more selfish, more daring, more reckless. Oh, the prices one pays for passion, the things one does for love.


Love does not exclude desire, it does not exclude rationality either. I can´t deny that I´ve already wanted the soap bubble drifting in the wind on a sunny afternoon, rather than the real world, that I have yearned for the tiny but perfect world of lovers, and that I was wroth to see it burst under the light and warmth of reality. The more you suffer, the more love proof you become, and the more you long for the moments of true enchantment. The less you believe. Damaged people are dangerous, they know they can survive.  I´ve survived. Oh, God, I´ve survived…


For my generation, Jeremy Irons was a handsome actor who did not seem typecast. Eventually he did become typecast. Juliette Binoche is strange… She was this cold beauty, expressionless features that served so well many movies of the tragic intellectual kind. She conveyed the mystery and detachment of the female lead role to perfection, and was still sexy, with perfect chemistry with Irons. Guy would have chemistry with a doorknob!


Louis Malle was such a sweet director! He could take difficult themes, and deliver them with just the right tone. I compare some of his movies as rides where the driver chooses the road, the car, and as fearsome, beautiful, or dark the road is, I am taken by a sense of trust and by amazement. His other commercial successes in Hollywood, Atlantic City and Pretty Baby were also rough rides, and one of my favourite films ever Au Revoir Les Enfant is also his.


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