Hearts and Tongues

I hoped his touch would not be as good as I dreamed, that his kiss would not be so perfect, that his sex would not be so amazing. I sincerely prayed reality fell short of fantasy. We were both trembling, shivering from head to toes, when we met at the airport. He came straight to … Continue reading Hearts and Tongues


The Punisher S01… so… likeable! Meh! Just a few spoilers.

Netflix´s Punisher is not the comic book Punisher. From the first time the character hit Daredevil, I considered them two different beasts. Comic book Punisher Never been an A-lister, never had any superpowers. A badass psychopathic vigilante killing machine. I have never cared much about the back story, or about the plots. The Punisher was … Continue reading The Punisher S01… so… likeable! Meh! Just a few spoilers.

Medusa Man

There is no symmetry in nature, and yet symmetrical things tend to be considered beautiful. They get across the idea of health, I suppose. He goes beyond that, I reckon. His chiseled features, perfectly symmetrical, straight and sculpted in right angles, then softened at the edges just to add a certain humanity to marble and … Continue reading Medusa Man