Pouring a heartache into another

What a bold gringo asking for the quotation in Portuguese, instead of English! I know he has never been a poetry enthusiast, but  it is hard not to fall for some verses of Fernando Pessoa, specially his alias Alvaro de Campos. Pessoa is his most shameless, drowning in his passions and contradictions, politically incorrect, unafraid … Continue reading Pouring a heartache into another


Hearts and Tongues

I hoped his touch would not be as good as I dreamed, that his kiss would not be so perfect, that his sex would not be so amazing. I sincerely prayed reality fell short of fantasy. We were both trembling, shivering from head to toes, when we met at the airport. He came straight to … Continue reading Hearts and Tongues

The Punisher S01… so… likeable! Meh! Just a few spoilers.

Netflix´s Punisher is not the comic book Punisher. From the first time the character hit Daredevil, I considered them two different beasts. Comic book Punisher Never been an A-lister, never had any superpowers. A badass psychopathic vigilante killing machine. I have never cared much about the back story, or about the plots. The Punisher was … Continue reading The Punisher S01… so… likeable! Meh! Just a few spoilers.